Welcome fellow fans of fulsome female flesh.  It’s Ol’ Mase Corgan, here, your favorite creator of curvaceous cuties, mastermind behind maidens with mammoth mammaries, begetter of busty babes.

I hope I’m doing this right.  My oldest grand-daughter, Dottie, is helping me with the computer stuff.  Ol’ Mase is “old school,” or, as Dottie puts it, “useless.”

I’m a writer of original erotic graphic novels (hell, when I started, we were happy to call them “comic books.”)  I specialize in stories about women with with comically over-sized breasts.  You know — gigantic juggs, Brobdingnagian boobs, gargantuan gazongas, mountainous milk sacks, humungous hooters, and other sexy subjects.

On this site, I’ll be curating all of my comics that are currently for sale over the “internet.”  Below is a list of my work available for sale.  Just clink on the “link” to go the a “site” where you can buy it.

If you like it, drop me a line.  Ol’ Mase loves to hear from his fans, just remember that when you give me the thumbs up, be sure and use the correct finger.🇸🇰

Okay, Dottie tells me that instead of a smiley face, I typed the flag of the Slovak Republic.  I may have a lot to learn when it comes to the cyber-world but I know how to write a ribald story, so keep Ol’ Mase in your heart.

Mase Corgan, ESQ., OBE


September 29, 2019

Big Blue Chapter 5 is now on sale.

September 18, 2019

Big Blue Issues 1-4 Are On Sale!

What's that?  You really want to buy the first four chapters of "Big Blue" but you don't want to spend too much money?  Good news.  Ol' Mase is offering a deal from now until September 30th.

Buy the first four chapters of "Big Blue" and get a 20% discount.  That's $16 for all three.  Now you can review her rack at a reasonable rate, follow her fat floppies for a fair fee, enjoy her endowments for an equitable expenditure.

Click Here to Buy!

August 13, 2019

Big Blue Chapter 4 is now on sale.

June 15, 2019

Web Site Updated

Dottie finally found the time to update the web site now that her "finals" are over and her relationship with "Diego" is as well. She must have really loved doing this work; she was crying with joy the whole time.